Meggles B-sides cider reviews #1 – Badger Pear Wood Cider

A refreshing wee drop

Badger Pear Wood cider
Rating 7/10
5% alcohol

Time to add some cider to this site. Here is my first of I am sure what will be many reviews. Which of course means I need to sample more ciders. Ah, life is hard sometimes.

Badger Pear Wood cider is brewed by Hall and Woodhouse, an independent, family-owned brewery in southern England. Hall and Woodhouse use traditional and modern techniques in the brewing process. The Badger ales have been brewed since 1777, so they have had time to perfect the process.  On the bottle the Pear Wood cider is described as pearfectly delicious (he he) and as a refreshing smooth drink that is crisp & fruity with floral and grassy notes.

Just like pears this cider has a subtle flavour, it is very drinkable and refreshing. In the glass it is a clear straw colour with a subtle fizz. There is a light tingly sensation on the tongue, not too much. There is a white wine aroma when first opening the bottle; this does fade quickly.  The pear wood cider has a nice smooth sweet flavour without being sickly sweet and is very drinkable. I don’t get the grassy notes that are mentioned on the label, but I can see it would be a refreshing drink after a day of hay making in the country or mowing the lawns for city people.

If you like sweet drinks then this is a drink for you, if you like a bit of acidity then you might find this a bit bland. I have given it 7/10 because it is very nice and easy to drink, but nothing out of the ordinary.

My pick of music to match the pear wood cider is Wilson Phillips because their music has a nice mellow blend of harmonies. They have complexity in the harmonies without the songs without being too complex. Their music is refreshing and relaxing just like a nice drop of Pear Wood cider.

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