Shhh! Nobody tell Peet, but we are going to hijack his blog for Beervana. Seems like the poor fella misses craft beer (surely there has to be options in Sydney. Surely!)

Just a quick taste of what has been short listed:

Barrel aged Brecon
Bismarck ale
Tiramisu stout
Pepper steak porter
The First Lady
South wold bitter with fuggles
Old embalmer barley wine
Kawa Chameleon
The Paw Paw Blowtorch
Fleur de Blanc
Barrel Aged Brrbon ’12

The strategy: Andy is going to honour the Peet and go big and strong (I blame the weather). I’m playing a predicable eclectic game but expect an early palette nuking, despite best efforts to avoid the overly hopped. Vance, he’ll play the session beer card as long as he can stand it.

Peet, we miss you.


2 thoughts on “Beervana-eve

  1. Hey I’ll also be rockin’ the sour beers hardcore. Ah, I can almost smell the delicate aromas of farmyard and horse blanket already.

  2. Breaking news, there will be no Aussie craft beer at Beervana! So maybe, just maybe, Peet is right that you can’t get a decent beer in Sydney – Tui billboard moment, Yeah right!

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