Guest Blog – The May Two Four edition (Fin du Monde)

Beer & Decks - a proud Canadian Tradition, even in condo-land.

Sorry to interrupt the irregularly scheduled Hop Rockin Peet posts, but it’s time for a bit of guest blogging. Over here in Canadia, Queen Victoria’s birthday is celebrated around the 24th of May. It has largely come to mean the start of summer, a long weekend, fireworks, and most importantly, a celebration of beer. For those that don’t know, the next most common unit of beer, after the six pack is two dozen, or twenty four. Round these parts, it’s called a two-four. May 24. May Two Four. Seriously, that’s the colloquial name for the holiday. Look, after surviving a long winter, the hungry bears of spring, and maple syrup induced delirium, it doesn’t take much for a Canadian celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Continue reading