Beervana takeover 2014

First tip. Get band outside and top up

Tasting notes so far:
Fleur de Blanc. As promised – delicate
Urban farmhouse Andy says good.
Lakeman taupo pale ale is almost as good as a drunken Pru promised.


Dweller on a threshold: whiskey barrel aged scotch ale. This one is for you Peet. Awesome.

Adnams Ghost Ship. Meh. Fuggle in the southwold not fuggling sez Andy. Charitably blames glass.

Good George Biere de garde is rather a good beer and after his bacon beer frenzy, Vance rates the white beer. 2x happy Vance after initial grumpiness about organisation of Beervana.

Batch brewing duskrider confirms that you can judge a beer by it’s branding. 7 types of malt nuked by too much hops. Give it a miss.

Devils right hand Vance says: understated and very good for a rye beer.

Hallerau double stout double good. Gigantic old embalmer barley wine not my thing. Even if I got the very last of it.

Isis rising: I do not care for this beer says Vance. I concur.

Kawa Chameleon sucks. Totally rubbish.

More coming soon, battery willing



Shhh! Nobody tell Peet, but we are going to hijack his blog for Beervana. Seems like the poor fella misses craft beer (surely there has to be options in Sydney. Surely!)

Just a quick taste of what has been short listed:

Barrel aged Brecon
Bismarck ale
Tiramisu stout
Pepper steak porter
The First Lady
South wold bitter with fuggles
Old embalmer barley wine
Kawa Chameleon
The Paw Paw Blowtorch
Fleur de Blanc
Barrel Aged Brrbon ’12

The strategy: Andy is going to honour the Peet and go big and strong (I blame the weather). I’m playing a predicable eclectic game but expect an early palette nuking, despite best efforts to avoid the overly hopped. Vance, he’ll play the session beer card as long as he can stand it.

Peet, we miss you.


Guest Blog – The May Two Four edition (Fin du Monde)

Beer & Decks - a proud Canadian Tradition, even in condo-land.

Sorry to interrupt the irregularly scheduled Hop Rockin Peet posts, but it’s time for a bit of guest blogging. Over here in Canadia, Queen Victoria’s birthday is celebrated around the 24th of May. It has largely come to mean the start of summer, a long weekend, fireworks, and most importantly, a celebration of beer. For those that don’t know, the next most common unit of beer, after the six pack is two dozen, or twenty four. Round these parts, it’s called a two-four. May 24. May Two Four. Seriously, that’s the colloquial name for the holiday. Look, after surviving a long winter, the hungry bears of spring, and maple syrup¬†induced¬†delirium, it doesn’t take much for a Canadian celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Continue reading