A slightly belated Beervana report (part the first).

This time last week (being Tuesday afternoon) I was at a certain underground cult bar sampling – for free mind you – two truly excellent beers from 8-wired. Oh, I do hope you’re jealous now. It will only get better later on. Continue reading

Travellin’ south

Too much drinking to do, too little time. While there should be a proper review of the Hobgoblin Ruby Beer coming up later today (I figure it’ll still be Thursday somewhere by the time it’s done) I’ve come to realise there’s not enough hours in a day to do this for everything so from here on in I’ll be working in mini-reviews, usually for beers purchased over the bar where one is inclined not to sniff and swirl and carry on anyway because, let’s face it, it makes you look a bit of a dick so there’s less I can pick up about them in any case. Plus it’ll probably do me good to, like, go out of the house every once in a while.

This is also as good a time as any to give a bit of a shout out to some of the Dunedin pubs I frequented when I was down there recently Continue reading

Wish you were here (a bit more bloody often)


First up, a thousand apologies for some world class slackness on my part over the last week or so. For what it’s worth that will hopefully be the last of it for a while. I’ll try and see if I can get something out daily from here on in. Getting slightly inebriated every single day is, I believe, a most worthwhile pursuit.

Just a quick note here to alert anyone in Wellington who happens to stumble upon this that the Sprig & Fern is open as of last Wednesday on Tinakori road, filled with happy shiny people and with some very fine beer served in full pints. Full pints I tells ya! I was pleasantly surprised…of course then it all caught up with me and I was very nearly unpleasantly ill but we don’t need to go into details. Outstandingly priced 2L takeaway riggers too (great idea, that) which I will be looking at properly soon. Early impressions are that the Doppelbock and Scotch Ale are awesome but I am hanging out for the Oatmeal Stout released on St. Patrick’s day. Fair to say it’ll be a big week.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about keeping up with things here, just been incredibly lazy. Sorry peeps. Here’s a soothing ballad to make up for it.