A slightly belated Beervana report (part the first).

This time last week (being Tuesday afternoon) I was at a certain underground cult bar sampling – for free mind you – two truly excellent beers from 8-wired. Oh, I do hope you’re jealous now. It will only get better later on. Continue reading

Review #10 – Melchers Dutch

Melchers Dutch Gold Lager, aka Melchers Rembrandt Masterpiece (Pale Lager, 5% abv). InBev (Leuven, Belgium). $2.49/500ml can.

Canned meh. Better than it sounds.

After a week long Southern sojourn I find myself back in Wellington again on tight-arse Tuesday*, and it’s with a feeling of dread I pick out another can of Dutch pale lager. The last one was frankly awful, and it’s not until I get this home that I discover to my horror that this is in fact brewed by the same company. Upon further investigation though there are signs of encouragement. Continue reading

Review #2 – Tuatara XI

Tuatara XI
Quite black indeed

Tuatara XI – Belgian Black Ale, 10.5% abv., (Wellington, NZ). $11/500ml bottle.

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day, they say, but you do need something to hunker down with and get you through the times when the southerly change comes in and it all goes to crap. So, in recognition of Wellington anniversary weekend I turned to the Tuatara XI which is technically described on the back of the black-writing-on-black-background label as a licorice black Belgian barley wine. It does the trick nicely. Continue reading