Review #14 – Cucapá Obscura

Cucapá Obscura (American Brown Ale, 4.8%). Cervecería Cucapá (Mexicali, Mexico). $10/6 x 355ml bottle.

Hecho en Mexico. You could do worse.

Here we go again with another Wednesday edition of tight-arse Tuesday. It’s not all down to sheer laziness though. Part of it is because of the dread I felt yesterday at the thought of going down to pick out another undrinkable can of bland and possibly toxic Europiss, the shame at taking it up to the counter and the absurdity of paying for the privilege of doing so. So, after procrastinating for far too long I find myself in Thorndon New World looking sadly at the shelves of seemingly interchangeable cans of desperate self-loathing but on the point of giving up entirely I wander down the other end and find a well-priced six pack of this Mexican beer which is not only not European but is not a pale lager. I feel like I’m saved. Continue reading