Review #6 – Coronado Orange Avenue Wit

Orange Avenue Wit (Witbier, 5.2%). Coronado Brewing Company, Coronado, California. $5.50 per 355ml bottle.

A most pleasant surprise

The signs were not good. Apparently the start of February in the Southern hemisphere coincides with Lughnasadh, or Lammas, the festival of the wheat harvest. I could finish the Australian beers later, I must have a wheat beer. But while reviewing the Australian beers I had read about the sometimes widely differing standards of tap and bottle beers, and when combined with my own failings in various states to fully appreciate what was on offer I thought I should start a kind of ‘redemption Thursday’* to give the most appalling brews I’d had over the last year or so a second chance. It was only fair. Then I had the Atlas on tight-arse Tuesday and it brought up all sorts of orange nightmares and I knew I had to go back and lock horns with my nemesis: the very last, and one of the very worst beers I’d had in 2011 – the Coronado Orange Avenue Wit. Continue reading