Review #24 – Taieri George

It looks a bit better than this, really. And tastes far better.Hot Cross Bun Ale

Hi, I’m Peet. I used to work here…

Speaking of long absences and dispiriting privation, I have been looking forward to Emersons’ Taieri George for a long, long time now. It’s a seasonal beer – released on or about March 6th, the birthday of the George for whom it is named and who founded the brewery – and since I’d tried it towards the tail end of winter last year I’ve been waiting all summer for it to return. For a number of reasons, some of which are also reasons for the hiatus in this blog, I’ve put off having it though and lately it’s been sitting in my fridge taunting me…calling to me…and I’m wondering now has it been worth the wait?

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Review #8 – Rogers’ Beer

Rogers’ Beer (Amber Ale (?), 3.8%). Little Creatures, Fremantle, Western Australia. $4.20/330ml bottle.

Full once, full flavour with lower alcohol isn’t just an empty slogan.

For the pedants, this beer was named for two people called Roger and the apostrophe is indeed correctly placed. Also, no particular style is specified on the label or the website but I’m pretty sure it can’t be called a pale ale as some would have it. It is what it is, and comes with a high reputation. Continue reading