Shhh! Nobody tell Peet, but we are going to hijack his blog for Beervana. Seems like the poor fella misses craft beer (surely there has to be options in Sydney. Surely!)

Just a quick taste of what has been short listed:

Barrel aged Brecon
Bismarck ale
Tiramisu stout
Pepper steak porter
The First Lady
South wold bitter with fuggles
Old embalmer barley wine
Kawa Chameleon
The Paw Paw Blowtorch
Fleur de Blanc
Barrel Aged Brrbon ’12

The strategy: Andy is going to honour the Peet and go big and strong (I blame the weather). I’m playing a predicable eclectic game but expect an early palette nuking, despite best efforts to avoid the overly hopped. Vance, he’ll play the session beer card as long as he can stand it.

Peet, we miss you.


As I was saying…


So it has been pointed out to me there has been a certain slackening here as of late. A certain great lumbering slackening which no amount of illness, tribulation, prior engagements or demonic visitations can justify. Though believe me, I shall try. In the meantime it’ll take a little while to get back up to speed while I try and remember how this works so bear with me while I distract you all with a month-old-article I totally would have brought up if I wasn’t…er…bringing all sorts of other stuff up at the time.

Idiot windbag (part 1)


A little background reading music for you if you like (“The Rain Dhun” by producito from Cocolinaga Producciones Ociosas, available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence).

Ok, am trying to put some order to all this so if things suddenly look a bit different you’ll know it’s me just going over a few things. First up, I’m changing up the marking system a bit. Appearance and mouthfeel are now worth up to 15 instead of 10, and the x-factor/bonus points thing is plus or minus up to 10 based on whether a beer rocks my world or pisses me off, and from here on in I’ll say why it gets what it gets as far as that goes. Aroma, flavour and value are still worth 20 each. I’ll be going over old posts to adjust the mark accordingly [update: they’ve all taken a bit of a hit, particularly the Coopers which always look awful] and giving them a number while I’m at it so they’re easier to find if I have to. This stuff is riveting, I know. As you read this try not to think about the fact that downloading a single web page uses about 1.9 Watt-hours. Meh, I don’t care about carbon footprints anyway. Bring on global warming, I’ve always wanted a house on the beach.

Also if anyone’s got any requests for stuff they want me to try I’m up for ideas. Since I know pretty much everyone who reads this thing and most of you are reasonably trustworthy if it’s recommended and I can get a hold of it I’ll give it a go. I won’t touch the Cave Creek Chili Beer though, I do have some standards. Cheers peeps.

Wish you were here (a bit more bloody often)


First up, a thousand apologies for some world class slackness on my part over the last week or so. For what it’s worth that will hopefully be the last of it for a while. I’ll try and see if I can get something out daily from here on in. Getting slightly inebriated every single day is, I believe, a most worthwhile pursuit.

Just a quick note here to alert anyone in Wellington who happens to stumble upon this that the Sprig & Fern is open as of last Wednesday on Tinakori road, filled with happy shiny people and with some very fine beer served in full pints. Full pints I tells ya! I was pleasantly surprised…of course then it all caught up with me and I was very nearly unpleasantly ill but we don’t need to go into details. Outstandingly priced 2L takeaway riggers too (great idea, that) which I will be looking at properly soon. Early impressions are that the Doppelbock and Scotch Ale are awesome but I am hanging out for the Oatmeal Stout released on St. Patrick’s day. Fair to say it’ll be a big week.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about keeping up with things here, just been incredibly lazy. Sorry peeps. Here’s a soothing ballad to make up for it.